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T15 Budget Steel Bar Triton MK 8/96-6/01

T15 Budget Steel Bar Triton MK 8/96-6/01

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If you're looking for a robust bull bar that represents excellent value, then a TJM Tradesman bull bar is a top choice for your Mitsubishi Triton MK 08/1996 - 06/2001. This TJM Tradesman bull bar is 4x4 equipped and ready to work for you with dual aerial mounts and mounting points for installing large driving light. Add an optional winch mount to make your bull bar winch-ready. A 63.5mm centre tube and 50mm outer tubes provide strength and protection for your vehicle's drive lights and headlights. Tapered side-wings assist with approach angle when off-road and taking on rises in the terrain. Thick steel tubing provides first-class protection and comprehensive engineering offers peace of mind with ADR compliance and air bag compatibility (for vehicles with air bags).

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