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T13 Outback Steel Winch Bar Patrol GU S3 Wagon & Ute

T13 Outback Steel Winch Bar Patrol GU S3 Wagon & Ute

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TJM award-winning Outback bull bars provide the ultimate protection for your Nissan Patrol GU Series 3 wagon and ute. When you are off-road in tough outback conditions, you need a bull bar that can go the distance. Full wrap cato straps and 50mm outer pipework provides added strength, damage deflection and headlight protection. Our high strength, multi-fold steel channel design is backed by a tough central chassis that mounts securely to your vehicle for maximum frontal protection. This TJM Outback bull bar is 4x4 equipped with a steel winch-mount, fog lights, combination lights, and reinforced T-slot recovery jack points. It is ready to work for you with dual aerial mounts and mounting points for installing large driving lights. Thick outer pipework provides additional strength, obstacle deflection and headlight protection. With this winning formula, it is no wonder then, that Australian 4WD Action awarded the Outback with "Best Bull Bar" in Issue 150.

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