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IBS Heavy Duty Dual Battery System inc Monitor

IBS Heavy Duty Dual Battery System inc Monitor

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Get more out of your 4WD with TJM's IBS dual battery management system. Flat batteries can be inconvenient around town, but downright dangerous when you are travelling to remote locations. Our battery management systems can be tailored to power electrical equipment such as electric winches, fridges, auxiliary driving lights and communication systems on your 4WD. This system features electronic voltage sensing isolators to ensure adequate protection of your vehicles electrical systems. TJM's IBS dual battery system is supplied in kit form and includes a multi-LED function display, cables and installation kit. This 12-volt DC system has two voltage indicators for each battery, an auto-disconnect safety function and a cabin mounted control unit. These premium systems are Swiss-built and backed by a 5 Year TJM warranty if fitted by an authorised TJM store or auto electrician. Don't let a flat battery ruin your next adventure.

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